Employee Testimonials


"Senior Office Manager"

"I started at Hall - although we weren't called that back then - in 1986 as a part time, night/weekend receptionist, as I continued school. Over the years, through hard work, perseverance and luck, I kept getting promotions. When we consolidated our accounting office at corporate, the D.A. position was created for me. The life education and friendships I have made over the past 31+ years in the car business are invaluable. The car business definitely gets in your blood."

Kim Boone, Hall | MileOne Autogroup

"Body Shop Estimator"

"I started with MileOne back in 2003 washing cars. I worked my way up in the parts department to doing appraisals, which is what I currently do. In that time, I love the relationships I've been able to build, both with customers and fellow employees. It's helped me learn a lot about team work."

Dan Engler, MotorWorld Body Shop

"F&I Director"

"MileOne has given me the independence and freedom to build relationships with the banks, manufacturers, other finance managers within the company and corporate leaders in order to really come into my own. They're really big on training, conferences, webinars, seminars, and it's given me the opportunity to learn things that are outside the box."

Dorit Figueroa, Mercedes-Benz of Silver Spring